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You certainly want to relax on a clean, well-maintained deck. Sadly, like other outdoor areas, your deck can get dirty over time with dust, mold, and grime. 

At Soft Works Power Washing, we provide top-quality deck cleaning in Grafton, VA, and nearby areas. We use advanced equipment and techniques to ensure 100% satisfaction. 

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Is it Worth to Have Your Deck Cleaned?

Constant beating from the Grafton sun, wind, snow, and other elements causes your deck to gather dirt, debris, mildew, mold, and other gunk that make it an eyesore and a slipping hazard. This build-up also causes material deterioration over time. 

After professional deck pressure washing, you’ll have a beautiful deck devoid of safety hazards. You also won’t worry about costly premature repairs!

Benefits of Deck Cleaning

Here are just a few reasons why hiring professional deck cleaners in Grafton is a worthy investment.

Maintain your deck’s curb appeal

Professional cleaning can quickly return your grime-covered deck to its natural beauty. 

Improve Safety

Clearing algae, mold, and other grime from your deck eliminates slip-and-fall concerns, making it a safer place for your loved ones. 

Prevent Damage

Regular cleaning rids your deck of contaminants that eat away at the surface material and compromise its structural integrity. 

Save Time and Money

Manually scrubbing your deck can be tiresome and time-consuming. Soft Works Power Washing has the skills and equipment to clean your deck much faster, saving you time, effort, and money. 

Enjoy Longer Deck Service Life

Regular cleaning preserves deck material so you can enjoy a beautiful deck for many years. 

Why Choose Soft Works Power Washing

Here’s why many residential and commercial property owners choose us for deck cleaning in Seaford, VA:

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Licensed and Insured Services

We have all the necessary licenses and insurance to provide professional cleaning services in Grafton and beyond.

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Free, Upfront Written Estimates

You won’t worry about any surprise costs when working with us.

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100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our team won’t leave your property until you’re satisfied with our work.

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Timely Project Completion

We work fast and efficiently to ensure minimal to zero disruptions to your daily activities.

About Grafton, VA

Grafton is on the Virginia Peninsula in York County. The unincorporated community was initially known as Cockletown before the residents voted to change its name in honor of the only church in the area. 

Grafton is home to boat enthusiasts, sports lovers, and horses. It offers plenty of outdoor activities, including hiking, paddle boarding, and crabbing. There are also several parks, like Wolf Trap Park, Chisman Creek Park, and Hardwood’s Mill. 

How Much Does Deck Cleaning Cost in Grafton, VA?

The cost of deck cleaning in Grafton, VA, is between $100-$600, depending on the deck size, material, and condition. 

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