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Installing an awning on your residential or commercial building is an excellent way to lower energy costs and protect doorways and windows against adverse weather. However, at Soft Works Power Washing, our technicians find that most property owners are unaware that these awnings require regular maintenance and periodic cleaning.

If you’re looking for sanitation professionals with hundreds of five-star ratings on independent websites and apps, contact our customer service hotline and get a free quote. Soft Works Power Washing is the number one provider of awning cleaning in all our service areas across Virginia. We have a growing roster of satisfied clients, and we would love you to be a part of that list.

Why You Need a Professional Awning Cleaning for Your Commercial Structure

Most commercial structures in Virginia cover tens of thousands of square feet, with awnings protecting customers and employees from direct sunlight and airborne debris. Business owners typically favor synthetic fabrics that do not stain as fast as canvas awnings, but the two require the same amount of TLC.

Commercial awning cleaning often involves scrubbing 20 to 30 awnings over a weekend for small to mid-sized business owners. We free them up to deal with more pressing matters or to spend time with people they love by being their trusted company when they need a thorough clean awning.

Also, we help people preserve the value of their investments by letting their awnings keep their natural colors longer, even if we have to remove animal droppings and food stains to clean them.

Why Pay for Professional Awning Cleaning?

One of the most frequent questions we get from homeowners is, “why should I hire a professional awning cleaning service when I could do it myself?” Every year, we rescue many residents and business owners who underestimate the technicality of the job and the equipment required. Our technicians use truck-loaded equipment, such as power washers, extending ladders, and telescopic mops, to sanitize dirty awnings in hard-to-reach places.

Fabric awnings require regular cleaning, especially if you buy them in white, neon, and pastel colors, as they are the most susceptible to staining from pollution and adverse weather. However, acrylic and vinyl awnings need the correct detergents and power washer pressures to sanitize without chipping printed letters, fading their colors, or creating a hole. A tear on your fabric awning requires you to replace it soon.

We train and retrain our awning cleaning professionals at Soft Works Power Washing, so we never damage dirty awnings, regardless of their age, build quality, and textile material. Also, we offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, so if you think we missed a spot, call us, and we will remediate your concern in less than 24 hours. Our technicians are licensed and insured, so clients are never responsible for any untoward incident at a job site.

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