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Graffiti and other visual forms of vandalism are growing problems in our various service areas at Soft Works Power Washing. Its effects can be devastating for property owners and residents alike. Not only does graffiti create an eyesore for the community, but it can also lead to a decrease in property values, heightened criminal activity, and a feeling of insecurity among residents and business owners.

Graffiti removal is essential for mitigating the effects of vandalism and protecting the investments of property owners and businesses. Our technicians have years of experience eliminating graffiti from brick, wood, and metal surfaces at Soft Works Power Washing. We can work on every type of private property, with a client portfolio covering a broad range of commercial and residential buildings that are now graffiti-free.

Factors That Determine the Success Rate of Removal of Graffiti

Residents and business owners often see graffiti as an affront to a community’s sense of beauty and structure. However, working with experienced professionals can ensure a high graffiti removal success rate. It is no secret that street artists who see their work taken down are more likely to retaliate by reoffending.

Our crew works on dozens of graffiti removal jobs annually, and they do not have identical project timelines, cleanup costs, and technical requirements. Here are a few factors that might cause a graffiti cleanup job to take longer to complete than usual or cost more money.

Get It Right the First Time with Graffiti Removal Services

Graffiti sightings can negatively impact the reputation of a business, family, or neighborhood, creating a damaging perception for tourists and passersby. While you can remove a few forms of graffiti through traditional cleaning methods, hiring technicians from licensed graffiti removal services can ensure a more thorough and professional job.

Graffiti removal professionals understand the complexities of removing spray paint from aluminum, glass, and wood. They also have the equipment and expertise necessary to remove graffiti in fast and cost-efficient ways. Hire technicians from Soft Works Power Washing and save yourself an afternoon of scrubbing and soaping.

Windows Damaged by a Graffiti Vandal?

Many criminals use graffiti to convey hateful and violent messages on shop windows, knowing that business owners will not risk chipping or scuffing expensive glass to remove their tags. Sometimes, vandals scratch windows to form images and letters or use acid to create annealed patterns. Soft Works Power Washing can eliminate 100% of their traces in a few short hours.

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