Power Washing in Seaford, VA

Quality Power Washing Services in Seaford, VA

Soft Works Power Washing proudly offers power washing in Seaford, VA. Our friendly staff approaches every power washing project with commitment, integrity, and attention to detail. We provide residential and commercial power washing services that transform your property.

Power washing removes dirt buildup, eradicates harmful mold, and increases the lifespan of concrete surfaces. Before struggling to clean stubborn rust and graffiti stains, contact the fantastic experts at Soft Works Power Washing. We always put the needs of our customers first.

If you worry about power washing windows and fragile surfaces, fear not! Our advanced soft washing techniques protect windows, gutters, and vinyl surfaces from damage. Check out our reviews online to see why customers continue to trust the experts at Soft Works Power Washing.

Power Washing Seaford VA

Our Services

The professionals at Soft Works Power Washing offer both residential and commercial cleaning services:



Why Choose Soft Works Power Washing

High-quality power washing in Seaford, VA, requires the skills and experience of trained professionals. Our Soft Works Power Washing staff train tirelessly to provide exceptional power washing services. Reasons to consider Soft Works Power Washing for your next cleaning project include the following:

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We strongly believe in the importance of customer satisfaction. Before accepting payment for power washing services, we encourage our customers to inspect the quality of our work. No business can thrive without support from valuable customers.

Customer Service

Customer satisfaction remains the foundation of Soft Works Power Washing’s mission. We work collaboratively with customers to develop cleaning plans that keep homes and businesses looking gorgeous all year. Our friendly staff happily answers customer inquiries and questions to make our power washing services as hassle-free as possible.


Many power washing companies complete projects as quickly as possible to maximize profit and minimize labor costs. Soft Works Power Washing carefully inspects all areas of your property to identify mold growth, rot damage, insect infestations, and more. We provide upfront cost estimates and never charge customers hidden fees.

How Much Does Pressure Washing Cost in Seaford, VA?

The pressure washing cost in Seaford, VA, typically ranges between $166 and $600. Besides location, your project’s exact cost will depend on the square footage, equipment required for the project, and the work involved, among other factors. 

For example, an oil-stained driveway or steep roof will require more time and resources to clean than a standard patio or deck. In some cases, the crew may need a power washer, which uses heated rather than cold water to remove tough stains, thus costing more.

Get in touch for a free estimate of the pressure washing cost in Seaford, VA. 

About Seaford, VA

Seaford, VA, sits an hour southeast of Richmond, Virginia. Residents and travelers flock to Seaford, VA, for exceptional dining options, vast park spaces, and a flourishing community. The beautiful Chesapeake Bay sits a stone’s throw away from the town center of Seaford, Virginia.

Seaford, VA, was founded by John Chrisman, who called the town “The Seaford Settlement.” Since then, Seaford has grown into a beautiful community with one-of-a-kind waterfront views rich in arts, culture, industry, and cuisine.

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Soft Works Power Washing proudly serves the Seaford, VA, community. Our staff works diligently to provide state-of-the-art power washing services at an affordable price. To learn more about our reputation as Seaford’s top-rated pressure washing company and explore our wide range of services, call us at Soft Works Power Washing to receive your free quote!

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