Choosing A Power Washing Company: Why Soft Works Power Washing Might Be Right For You

It can be overwhelming to choose a company online to do work for you that you can 100% trust. Sure, reviews are important, but what about when all the reviews say practically the same thing? How do you know which one to go with? We understand that the decision can be daunting. We want to take a minute to talk about why Soft Works might be the right choice for you. And if we aren’t, maybe we can give you some insight into what we think is important to look for.

Disclaimer: Let me start by saying that we know we aren’t perfect and no business is. Any company run by people will make mistakes. Hopefully the following will simply shed some light though on our ethics and what we believe.


We have made the choice to not price per square foot. We find that most people don’t know the exact square footage of their house, deck, or driveway. In our experience, a picture or a description is a much more efficient means of quoting. So, of course this can cause some discrepancies in pricing between one driveway or deck to the next, we are always striving to be as fair as possible. We desire to keep our pricing competitive, but our goal is not to undercut and be the cheapest possible quote. If that happens, great, but we set our prices based on what we believe is necessary for our family and our business. We certainly encourage comparing prices. We also hope that some of the rest of what you read about us will convince that we are worth your investment.


Tim, the owner, has spent a lot of time in the sales world. One of the reasons he chose to leave was because he observed dishonesty and greed. For instance, a *10% discount* didn’t necessarily mean you were actually getting 10% off. Salesmen often mark up the price with the anticipation of bringing it back down. At Soft Works a discount is truly a discount off of the fairly quoted price. We always recommend asking for a quote BEFORE mentioning an ad or coupon – that way you know that you are getting the best possible price.

While we are on the subject of discounts, we proudly offer a 10% discount to military members and first responders! (Remember, you can always ask for the quote first and then mention the discount)


From the moment you call us until the job is completed to your satisfaction, our goal is to be open and honest with you. We value communication from start to finish. For instance, our washers will ask you to walk around the house or surface that was cleaned to make sure everything is completed to your satisfaction. We want to make sure you are completely comfortable with the work that was done. We did not meet our own standards if at any point you feel like we did not treat you with respect and honesty. If and when a job is not properly completed, we will always make it right.


The final piece I want to discuss in this post is an important point that you as the customer shouldn’t even have to consider. Pressure washing is a very difficult business to properly insure. Most standard insurance companies do not understand the difference between a soft wash and a traditional pressure wash (check out our home page for an explanation). While there is very little risk with a soft wash, damage is always a possibility. Just because someone has liability insurance, it does not mean that the cost of damage to your house will be covered. Liability insurance often just covers incidences that occur WHILE power washing, not as a direct result. For example, if someone walks through the water run off and falls, that will probably be covered with standard liability. However, if the water pulls up some loose shingles on the roof, that may not be.

Always make sure the company you hire has specific power washing insurance. We are thankful to be insured by a company that only insures power washing businesses like us. This means that any damage to your property is fully covered!

There are many quality companies that you can trust in the greater Hampton Roads area. We don’t claim to be “the best”, but we hope that the standards we have set will speak for themselves and we look forward to the opportunity to earn your trust and recommendation!

Proudly Serving: Yorktown, Newport News, Hampton, Williamsburg, Gloucester, and surrounding areas.

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