Is Power Washing in the Rain Safe?

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A thorough power wash can make your grimy surfaces look as good as new. The big question is, though: when can you tackle this job? Is power washing in the rain safe?

While pressure washing in wet weather is possible and beneficial, there’s a catch. You need to take several safety precautions to ensure the best outcome and protect the equipment and yourself throughout the process. 

Keep reading to learn more about power washing in the rain. 

What’s the Deal With Power Washing in Rain?

Working in the rain can be uncomfortable and dangerous, but it can deliver remarkable results when it comes to power washing. Here are two primary reasons experienced power washing professionals prefer rainy weather when pressure cleaning.

Better Visibility

A rainy day means there’s no sun shining in your eyes and hampering your vision. You can clearly see areas that need special attention. The outside is also cooler, and who doesn’t enjoy working under comfortable temperatures?

What’s more, overcast days reduce shadows on the surfaces you’re cleaning, ensuring that you get every inch of the surface spotlessly clean. You can easily spot areas that you previously missed and see areas that need more rinsing. 

Shorter Drying Time

The cleaning solution used in power washing dries much faster on rainy or overcast days. As such, it’ll have more time to sit on your exterior surfaces and act on the pesky contaminants. In the end, the results will blow your mind.  

Rain and Power Washing Safety Measures

Is power washing in the rain safe? Yes, if you diligently follow these safe power washing practices:

  • Don’t leave any part of your equipment in standing water. It pays to keep the equipment engine dry throughout the power washing process.
  • Check if your equipment has a UL sticker. If it does, then your equipment has been tested and certified by an international organization mandated to check on equipment safety. Does the sticker say whether your equipment is safe to use in the rain?
  • Are you using electric or gas-powered equipment? You’ll need to be more careful when using an electric pressure washer. You’re less likely to suffer electrocution with a gas model.
  • Consider power washing during light rain – it is safer. You’re better off postponing the job if it’s pouring with thunder and lightning.
  • Do you understand the equipment and how it works? If you’ve never used the equipment before, it’s safer to wait for a clear day or hire an experienced professional to power wash your property. If you have adequate experience using the equipment and understand the safety precautions, you can enjoy power washing in the rain!

Safely Power Wash Your Property in the Rain

Is power washing in the rain safe? Now that you have the answer to this question, it pays to hire a qualified professional to ensure the best results without compromising your safety. 

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